Wow, what a year 2014 has been! We’ve seen massive goals achieved over the last 12 months…nWe’ve had clients complete their first 10km run, half marathons and powerlifting competitions. We’ve had a client represent her country in the sport of volleyball and there have been so many more amazing individual achievements. And while all of those highlights have been freakin awesome, the actual achieving of the goal is the easy bit. It’s all the hard work, consistency and dedication, day in day out, that’s the challenging bit! So, to every single one of our clients…. We appreciate you for working so hard this year; for pushing yourself as hard as you can at our sessions. We appreciate you for all of those early mornings you wanted to sleep in but came to a group session instead. We acknowledge you for all the days you felt like training and the days you didn’t feel like training – but you did it anyway. We praise you for the healthy choices you made with your nutrition – all those times you could have gone for the easy way out, but you chose a meal that would move you closer to your goals. We appreciate the support you’ve given each other – both at the sessions and outside of the sessions. It’s amazing the beautiful friendships that form when you have a group of people on the same journey as you. We “high 5” you for having the guts to do something about your health and fitness goals, regardless of what your family, friends and colleagues may think. Change can be hard enough, and sometimes we don’t get the support we need from those closest to us. Good on you for sticking with it!nWe applaud you for taking time out for yourself. In today’s really busy world, it would be so easy to say that you “don’t have time” to workout, but you’ve consistently made yourself a priority!nWe celebrate you for trying new things, whether it be a new exercise, a new way of eating or a new program. Giving something a go for the first time can be challenging but you’ve overcome that and been stronger for it. Most of all, we appreciate the amazing energy and enthusiasm you bring to the sessions. Our MP Family wouldn’t be the same without your contribution. We love you guys and wish you every success in 2015! We look forward to another massive year with you next year 🙂 xxx Wanna join our team in 2015? Grab a FREE 7 day pass and try our community ICE sessions for free! 7 days of motivation, support and fun workouts – we’d love to see you!