With the indulgences of the Christmas/New Year period now a distant memory, many people I chat to are ready for a fresh start. Only problem is they don’t know where to start! When it comes to losing weight, for many of us, we have the workouts down pat. But as for what we “should” be eating? That’s a whole other story! Food is a huge topic to chat about, but over the next couple of weeks, I just want to scratch the surface and share a few things that have helped me tremendously when it comes to healthy eating, especially now that I’m a mum! Food, glorious food! So, here goes… Tip #1: Supermarket rules: Thou Shalt Never Go There Hungry, Thou Shalt Always Have a List and Thou Shalt Stick to The Outside (Most of the Time)! The shopping centre is often a magnet for a toddler meltdown or a newborn’s sudden crying episode, so the key is to always get in and get out FAST! Of course it’s easier to do the shopping without the kids, but for many of us, that’s just not an option, so it’s best to make it as easy as possible for ourselves. With Rule #1, I usually try and make sure I have something to eat before I head out shopping. My willpower is pretty weak, so if I’m hungry, I’ll be tempted to grab a chocolate bar or something like that. When we shop hungry, our brain is more likely to reach for the high carb/high sugar stuff that’s going to give us a boost of instant energy. So fill up before you head out. Eat up! The second rule is making sure that we always have a list and that we stick to it! Make a list at home, and then you know exactly what you need – you’re less likely to buy random snacky stuff and overspend, and it will save you time at the shops.nFinally, ever noticed that the fruit/vegies/meats/dairy are around the outskirts of the shopping centre? These are generally the food groups that will make up the bulk of our shopping. Of course, we all need tinned items from time to time, but by generally sticking to the outside aisles, that’s a really good starting point to ensure you get the best types of foods in your trolley. Happy shopping – and stay tuned for Tip #2 next time! For more healthy tips, simple recipes and plenty of cute baby pics, join me on Instagram!