You’re really starting to get the hang of this Metabolic Precision thing.nYou know what to do with your workouts and you know how to whip up some metabolically precise meals in a matter of minutes. Your body is starting to respond and you’re excited to see some results! But there’s a problem ahead – you have a holiday planned. While you’re excited for a getaway, you’re worried that all of your progress is about to go down the toilet with a change in routine. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We just got back from a holiday at the Sunshine Coast and while we certainly enjoyed our time away, we were still able to continue our progress towards our goals. Not a bad view! Here’s what worked for us: 1. Do your research. It’s important to know ahead of time what’s available to you and what you may need to bring yourself. Does the place you are staying at have cooking facilities? Are you able to bring your own food? How big is the fridge? Or if your meals are provided for you, what’s on the menu? Do you have access to lots of choices in a buffet? Is there a gym/equipment? Is there a local park where you can do some exercise? Is there a commercial gym nearby?nHaving as many answers as possible in advance will help you to avoid getting stuck while you’re away. Whenever we go away on holidays, we look for a self-contained apartment with full kitchen facilities. And the first thing that Luke looks for is what type of gym equipment they have! Our gym at the hotel we stayed at – me attempting to do crunches at the same time as cuddling Isabella! 2. Incorporate exercise into your holiday. The great thing about heading away is that you’re in a new environment, which means there’s lots of new sights and sounds to appreciate. Going for long walks, heading out for a run, doing an ICE session on the beach are all great ways to incorporate your workouts into your holiday. Family walk! 3. Bring your routine with you. Used to having a fridge stacked full of food? Do you prefer a certain time of day for your workout? There’s no reason why you can’t bring a little bit of your home routine on holiday with you. We did a big shop and cook up on the afternoon we arrived and our fridge was full of fresh, healthy foods, that we would have had at home. Food prep done and dusted 3. Use your time to relax. Stretching, yoga on the beach, meditation – all great ways to unwind. Rest and rejuvenation are so important to your overall picture of health, and by allowing your body time to recover from stress and tension, you are actually going to improve how your body functions when you get back in the gym. Luke’s form of meditation – stand-up paddleboarding! 4. Plan your treats. You’re on holidays – you gotta treat yourself! It is possible to enjoy some treat foods and not go overboard, and it all comes down to prior planning. Select which days you’d like to go out to dinner, for example. Or, if you’d prefer to be a little spontaneous, then maybe just commit to the number of treats you’ll have and enjoy them at your leisure. Homemade treat – it was sooooo tasty! So if you have a holiday planned, never fear! It really is possible to continue on with your awesome progress and still enjoy your time away. For more great info to help you create (and keep) a body you can be proud of, sign up to our FREE Fat Loss E-Course! It will give you tools you can implement straight away – get started now!