I remember it like it was yesterday. Standing on the gym floor, surrounded by buff, toned gym goers, completely frustrated at what I was seeing in the mirror. I had been working out consistently for months now – so why wasn’t I seeing a result?nI mean, exercise is good for you, right? If you exercise, you’ll lose weight, right?nWell, turns out I was only partially correct. Yes, exercise certainly does contribute to weight loss (fat loss). But you gotta do it right, and you gotta have a few other key aspects of your lifestyle sorted, too!nToday I thought I’d share 6 quick tips that helped to improve my results from exercise within a matter of weeks, so that you don’t have to share the same frustration as I did, standing in front of that pesky mirror!nHere they are: #1: Know what you’re working towards. I’ve always enjoyed the best results when I have a clear, focused goal to work for. Whether it’s a sporting event or a life event, training with the end in mind helps you focus and work your hardest at each and every workout.n#2: Perform resistance exercise. I’m not talking light weights here. I’m talking Focused Intense Resistance Exercise; heavy weights. No other form of exercise helps to prime your metabolism quite like strength training does. #3: Focus on intensity, not duration. Science says that our bodies respond better to shorter, more intense bursts of exercise, rather than the long, slow stuff. So bust out 20 minutes of INTENSE cardio and you will be doing way more for your fat loss goals than a long, slow jog will do.n#4: Fuel yourself with the right foods, at the right times. This would have to have been the biggest game changer for my results! Did you know that the presence of certain nutrients before and after exercise can literally double your results from your workout? Double! Eating certain foods at specific times is called Nutrient Timing and it’s the key to achieving this amazing success.n#5: Make the most of your recovery. Exercise is a form of stress on our bodies, so we MUST allow it to heal. I mean, what’s the point of doing the workouts to produce a rockin’ body, if you’re too tired to leave the house and show it off? Rest is just as important as the workout! #6: Accountability. You know what, after all these years of being in the fitness industry, I still get the best results when I have someone to report back to. Even though I know what I should be doing, I still need someone there to kick my butt (with kindness). The majority of us will do more, work harder and therefore get better results when we are held accountable by a coach/mentor. So there you have it. My 6 easy tips that you can apply TODAY that can help to boost your results from exercise and help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted! To learn more about how to double your results from your workouts, click here. The MP Challenge is a completely holistic program, that will help you eat more food, exercise less and create a body you can be proud of! Get started now and take advantage of the early bird offer!