Getting back into exercise after having a baby can be a tricky thing.nYou can be all motivated to start, but then have a check up with your doctor, who recommends you wait for a bit longer.nOr you go to a session and attempt to do an exercise, but realize that your strength has disappeared. What was once easy is now super challenging, or even not possible right now.nI know how frustrating it can be to feel like your body is working against you. After the birth of our second child, Noah, I had massive abdominal separation – pretty much a 10cm gap right from the top of my abs down to my belly button.nNoah is now 20 months old and I still have a gap in my abs, albeit a lot less than what it was.nI still can’t do burpees, mountain climbers or a lot of the explosive stuff I used to be able to do.nAnd, most of the time, I’m ok with that. I understand I need to take the pressure off my abdominals so they can repair as much as possible. But there are some days where I get incredibly frustrated, and watch the Mums around me doing things that are just not possible for me right now, without further injuring my core.nI miss the freedom of being injury-free, and I really hate having to be so cautious sometimes. So if you’re feeling the same way, you’re not alone! Recovering from pregnancy and birth can be a long, slow process. You’re allowed to be frustrated, annoyed, and impatient. But just remember to be gentle on yourself, too. Whenever I’m feeling down about my lack of progress, I try and focus on a few things like: – doing the exercises that I CAN do, really well. – ensuring my food is full of nutrients and variety. – trying to get as much sleep as I can (as challenging as it can be with small children), and drink as much water as possible, too. Focus on what you CAN control, but understand and accept that there will be days that you’ll despair about the things that you have no control over whatsoever, too!nIt’s all normal, and it’s all part of this wonderful journey of motherhood.