This week’s been a bit out of sorts for me. Noah, my little (but actually rather big!) 5 month old came down with a bad cold, so I’ve had him attached to me for the past few days. On days like this, I find it’s really important to still find a few minutes for myself, whether it be to read a few pages of a book, scroll mindlessly through social media or exercise! And this week, I managed a 12 minute workout that got me huffing and puffing and working! It’s really simple.nDo the following exercises as fast as possible: 20 push upsn20 burpees (ouch!)n20 squats 20 crunchesn20 lungesn20 commandosnDo 3-5 rounds, depending on how much time you have. Short, intense workouts are always going to be more effective than longer, steadier sessions! Enjoy x