I am a control freak! Yes, to some degree I like to be I control, but there are some things in life we simply can’t control. For instance, my wife and I have just had a beautiful baby girl (Isabella) and you can’t control a new born! They have their own needs, wants and demands and they have their own time table of appointments with playtime, sleep time, poo time, cry time and the newest of all, smile time! (For all the parents out there you would know exactly what I mean). As I sit here writing this blog my wife is changing her nappy and entertaining her at the same time, and she’s just finished settling her after Isabella had a big cry. Rach had plans to do some work today, but little Isabella had other plans for Mummy! This morning I was chatting to a client who was having some challenges with some things that were ‘out of their control’ and I can relate, because this is something I used to, and still struggle with, from time to time. When I’m struggling with a certain situation, something that has helped me is to ask a simple question: “Is this in my control or is this out of my control?” The answer to that question gives you the power back! If it is in your control, you can do something to change the situation, but if it’s not within your control, then you have the ability to drop it and move on. Easier said than done, I know, but at least you can gain some immediate clarity to help you with your problem.