I love the feeling of ticking off every item on my to-do list.

You too?

There’s nothing better than getting to the end of the day and knowing I’ve achieved everything I set out to!

On the days this happens, I know that I’ve been really good at managing my time.

I will have blocked out time to get certain tasks done and I would have had little to no distractions.

Other days, I come upstairs to top up my water bottle (I work from home in our studio downstairs) and I’m hijacked!

And when I say hijacked, I mean that in the most beautiful way, because it’s my kids who are doing the hijacking!

They are so excited to see me that they want to play with me straight away, and often, anything I originally had planned goes out the window.

So I definitely choose my timing wisely and only head upstairs when I know I’m able to be present for my kids.

I’m getting better at managing my time, but it always remains a work in progress.

I’m getting better at doing the “hunting,” rather than being the hunted.

I’m getting better at running the day, and not letting the day run me.

Here’s a few strategies that help me: