I’ve really embraced babywearing ever since having Noah last year.nIt’s the only way I can get anything done! It allows me to play with my 3 year old, do the chores, the cooking and even workouts, all with my hands free!n(If you have a baby who just wants to be held all the time, I highly recommend investing in a wrap/sling/Ergo, etc.)nMany mums struggle with prioritising exercise when they have a baby who just wants to be cuddled all the time. But I want you to know that there are ways around it – you don’t have to give up exercise, and you can stay active. You just have to get a little creative! So this week, I thought I’d give you an example of some simple exercises you can do whilst wearing your baby.nIt’s really gentle, so it won’t disturb your baby, and you’ll still get a good workout in!nEnjoy!