On Mother’s Day, we went to New Farm Park as a family, and had a picnic and a game of cricket. 

It was a cracking day! 

Now, if you’ve been watching my videos for a while, you’d know how much my kids teach me. 

And this particular Sunday was no different! 

Here’s what happened…

In the week before Mother’s Day, I had been listening to a Wayne Dyer podcast, and he talked about how he used praise to address his kids behaviours. 

If they did something great, give them praise! 

If they were learning and practicing a new skill, give them praise! 

If they were doing something less than ideal, focus on what they were doing well instead – give them praise for that! 

And he spoke about the power of doing that consistently. 

So, I decided to apply this new information to our game of cricket on Sunday, and I was pleasantly surprised. 

I watched Bella transform before my very eyes! 

And it got me thinking…