Mornings can be pretty hectic, can’t they?n(Especially if you have school-aged children)!nBut as crazy as they can be, we all know that fitting breakfast in is ideal.nWhy?nWell, we’ve been fasting overnight while we sleep, so it’s really important that we break the fast (ie breakfast) with some good quality nutrition. This gets our metabolism moving and our energy levels going. So, how do you make it happen?nMake it fast! One of our go to meals in our household is the 3 minute omelette. Now, the key here is to have the veggies pre-chopped so that you can just throw them into the pan. Here’s an example of an omelette recipe… Ingredients: 1 x eggn1 x cup egg whites (can buy these in the frozen section of your supermarket)nHandful of spinachnHandful of red + green capsicum, choppednHandful of mushrooms, choppednSprinkle of spring onion (chopped), low-fat feta, mixed herbs, salt and peppern(As you can see, I haven’t included quantities above – I’m not real fussy about that sort of thing when it comes to omelettes)! Method: Heat a pan and spray with canola oil. Blend egg and egg whites in your blender/Nutribullet and pour into the pan. Add your fillings.nOnce the egg mixture is cooked on one side, fold in half or into thirds to enclose the fillings. And then cook for a minute or so – and you’re done! Mummy/daughter omelette date!nI’ve given you this recipe example, but the sky is the limit with what you can do with your fillings! Roasted vegetables is great, or you can even do a sweet omelette with blueberries or bananas.nIf you’re after more breakfast ideas, you can also check out this previous blog post that has 2 other egg and veggie recipes, in the form of fritattas.