With all the new year’s resolutions floating around right now, many people are making massive changes to their lifestyle habits.

Going on diets.

Cutting carbs.

Counting calories, or macros.

Cutting sugar.

All with the intention of losing weight, getting healthy and feeling good about themselves.

But, does it REALLY need to be this way?

Is it REALLY sustainable to cut all junk food from your diet?

Is it REALLY achievable to stay away from your favourite indulgence, for good?

I don’t think so.

I actually think that when we eat this way, we’re setting ourselves up to fail.

We’re more likely to binge, we’re more likely to get bored – there’s no fun in removing the variety from our food!

In this week’s video, I talk more about why it’s so important to have some balance in your life…


(Also enjoy my little sidekick, Bella – she keeps us entertained! Seems we may need to work on her etiquette skills, though… #nosepicker)