The short answer – yes, you can! Without crash dieting, without spending hours working out and without counting calories.nSince having Isabella, I’ve been really aware of the pressure on mums to get into shape within months, even weeks of having a baby. Celebrities are constantly splashed on the front covers of magazines in a bikini holding their babies like a trophy, and social media is rife with articles and tips for how to “bounce back after baby.” And sure, it may be possible for some people to whip straight back into pre-baby shape, but for the vast majority of us, it’s just not a reality! Sleep deprivation, sore boobs, stretched tummies – it’s all a result of being pregnant and having a new baby and often, it’s all completely unavoidable and totally overwhelming. So, what’s a mum to do? 3 months post baby vs 7 months post baby Well, I’m no supermodel, but I have been able to achieve some good results, simply by doing the following: First of all, you have to want to change your body in your own time. If you are still struggling to walk after a long labour 3 weeks after giving birth, don’t feel pressured to exercise! Every pregnancy and birth is different, so don’t rush yourself. Now is not the time to be a superhero, mumma – you may do some serious damage. Also, you may be so mentally and emotionally drained that you can’t possibly think about adding another item to your to-do list just yet. And that’s ok! They key here, as with any successful transformation, is to really want to change and be prepared to take some action! Eat lots of good quality food. I have been really pleasantly surprised with how much energy I’ve had, even though I haven’t slept more than 5 hours straight since Isabella was born. It’s those veggies, I tell ya! Eating a wide variety of different foods regularly throughout the day has kept both Isabella and I extremely healthy, and by looking at the before and after photos above, I can see it’s made a difference to my physique, too. Why would you want to count calories, nibble at rabbit food and limit your choices when you can enjoy what goes in your mouth, guilt-free?! Make your workouts count. Time is precious for all of us, and when you’re a mum, scheduling 30 minutes to do a workout in between babies’ sleep and feed time is a mission. That’s why the MP 10 Point Exercise system and FIRE and ICE Training principles are gold! You only need a short amount of time and, as long as you can make the most of that time by using great technique and working hard, you can achieve awesome results. Save time by being prepared. For example, cook all of your meals for the week at once so that you don’t have to chop up, cook and clean at every meal. Use the slow cooker rather than standing over a hot stove for half an hour. There’s plenty of little things that we can do to help save time. (If you missed our recent article, Our Top 12 Timesaver Tips, you can catch it here). And remember, it takes a village…. You don’t have to do it alone. Having a support network of people who love you, care about you and can help you do the day to day things will take the pressure off and allow you to focus on doing the important things – looking after yourself and looking after your beautiful baby. It’s ok to ask for help and to welcome help when it’s offered. So, is it possible to get your body back after having a baby? Absolutely! In fact, I reckon you can make it even better! Pre baby (back when I used to have time to paint my nails!) vs post baby Thanks to the tools I learnt from the MP Challenge, I’ve been able to regain my pre-baby body within 7 months of giving birth. I have energy, I feel good about myself and this allows me to give my full attention to my gorgeous baby girl. Our next MP Challenge kicks off in February next year and we are taking registrations now! Check out the info, plus a special offer, here! And for more real-life mummy learnings, follow me on Facebook here!