Taking the kids to swimming lessons has always been Luke’s thing. As a breastfeeding, co-sleeping attachment parent, there isn’t a whole lot of time I’ve spent away from the kids… But swimming was always that 1 thing that I didn’t have to think about. That was, until Luke broke his thumb recently. He cant go in the water, he can’t really use his thumb for weeks yet. So I had to step in. Bella doesn’t need us in the water with her anymore, but Noah does. And for a couple of weeks, I got to Tuesday (swimming days) and was getting frustrated at the very thought of it. I felt like I already had so much on my plate! It’s not fair that I had to take on this as well. Grumble grumble, whinge, whinge, whinge. But I quickly realized that my frustration wasn’t helping anyone. Especially myself. I realized I was focusing on everything that annoyed me about the situation. I forgot to also take into account all the things that are great about it! For example, the look on Bella’s face when she pops her head up out of the water and notices I’m watching her 😍 Seeing both kids progress so well from week to week 💪 The opportunity to spend quality time with them, to get outdoors on beautiful sunny days… ☀️ The list goes on. Tony Robbins once said, “What’s wrong is always available; so is what’s right.” It can be so easy to get caught up in the stress, the overwhelm, everything that’s wrong in our lives – especially if you’re a sleep-deprived parent! But if we’re going to look at all that stuff, it’s only fair we look at the other side of the coin, too! Feeling good comes down to focusing on things that make us feel good, and all the things in our lives we have to be grateful for – of which there are many! So if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, tired, overworked, etc, it might be helpful to take some time out and focus on the GOOD in our lives, rather than the bad. “Change your thoughts, change your life.”