Our clients have achieved amazing results. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself!


12 weeks of dedication transformed Darryn’s body completely

Going up 2 sizes in his work uniform was the push that Darryn needed to get his healthy lifestyle back on track.

He knew that being a long haul flight attendant would provide it’s own unique set of challenges when it came to fitting in workouts and eating healthy food, but to his absolute credit, Darryn made it work – and the results speak for themselves!

Darryn achieved these amazing changes in just 1 x 12 week Metabolic Precision program with us – he increased his muscle mass, decreased his body fat and had tonnes of energy. Plus, his work uniform was hanging off him by the end of it! 

What’s even more impressive about his transformation, is that he spends most of his time in an airplane, with a constantly changing roster. Darryn overcame all of his logistical challenges because he was totally committed to the program and to himself.

Well done, Daz!


Having a demanding physical job hasn’t stopped Jack from achieving fantastic results in his 12 Week Program at our New Farm personal training studio!

Having a neighbour comment on his weight was the turning point that helped Jack to change his lifestyle and body shape.

A New Farm local, he joined MP about a year ago and hasn’t looked back! Jack is a landscaper, so is out in the sun performing physical tasks all day. However, this hasn’t stopped him from making food and exercise a priority.

Jack initially started in our ICE Training sessions and more recently completed our 12 Week Metabolic Precision Program. In 12 weeks, he lost 7kg! As you can see from the photos, he totally transformed his body shape and when you chat to him in person, you’ll see that he has energy to burn. He is a super fast runner and is only getting quicker as time goes on!

He says, “What I have learnt in the 12 Week Challenge is to exercise less and eat more.” Gotta love that advice!


In just 12 week, Johnny was amazed at what he achieved!

Johnny’s transformation came in a relatively short amount of time (12 weeks) and he impressed everyone with his absolutely phenomenal results!

Yeah sure, he lost weight and toned up massively, but check out the amazing difference in his posture and his attitude, too!  

Johnny’s Italian, and loooooooves his Italian food (don’t we all?!). It was great to see him still be able to enjoy the beautiful flavours of Italy and still trim down. Being able to enjoy food (and lots of it!) is one of the awesome aspects of the Metabolic Precision program – no going hungry here!

Johnny achieved this results in just 12 weeks, but the new lifestyle he adopted will last a lifetime!

Congratulations, Johnny!


Losing the baby weight has been a delicious pleasure for Rach!

Being pregnant and giving birth has a huge effect on a woman’s body, not to mention then having to care for a newborn baby 24/7!

Rach started working out again 11 weeks after giving birth to her baby girl, and over the next 16 weeks, she transformed her body back into shape – in fact, better shape than before she fell pregnant!

Rach achieved these results using the nutrition principles in our MP Challenge, and did 3 x FIREworkouts in the gym every week. By focusing on building lean muscle with FIRE training, she created an ideal environment for her metabolism to burn fat fast!

Plus, by enjoying at least 6 fast, delicious, nutritious meals per day, she never went hungry, never had to count calories and she felt energised – so important when you’re a busy mum!


Being a plumber on job sites all day didn’t stop Scott from dramatically improving his body shape and health!

Scott came to our New Farm personal training studio lacking energy and out of shape. Long days as a plumber on job sites didn’t help his lifestyle choices and he wanted to do something to improve the way he looked and felt.

Even though Scott was busy on job sites everyday, he was able to make healthy eating a priority. He turned his body in to a fat burning machine, incorporating FIRE and ICE Training into his everyday life. In his first Metabolic Precision program at our New Farm personal training studio, he lost 3.54kg of body fat and 23.5cm from his body disappeared!


In 26 weeks, Chris completely changed his body and lifestyle around!

When Chris first came to see us at our New Farm Personal Training studio, he was depressed, unhealthy and had a drinking problem. In fact, he was actually drunk at his initial consultation!

However, as a business owner and father of 2 boys, he had a lot at stake and knew that he needed to make some changes – fast.

Chris achieved outstanding results over 2 Metabolic Precision programs with us – he increased his muscle mass, decreased his body fat and regained energy he didn’t know he could have. Best of all, he stopped drinking, improved his nutrition and left the antidepressants behind.

Here’s what Chris had to say about his time with us. “Luke Archer’s program is amazing! He’s all about not overtraining, eating correctly, hydration and good quality rest. Man, it’s so easy, it’s funny! Threw all my bad habits out the door with my antidepressants 5 months ago and never looked back! The big thing is that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been – so centred and stress free.”


Krystle lost 30kg and completely turned her life around!

At just 18 years of age, Krystle was overweight, unfit and unhappy. She was a talented tennis player, but due to her weight, she wasn’t able to reach her full potential in the game she loved.

Fast forward 12 months and Krystle looked and felt like a new person! By combining smart, effective exercise with fast, delicious nutrition, she lost 30kg, lost inches from her body and regained her fitness levels to help her become competitive at tennis once again.

Krystle said, “I feel as though the 12 Week Metabolic Precision course has helped me learn how to eat healthy and not starve! I have learnt how much you can eat and still lose weight – there are so many different meals to choose from. At first, I wasn’t sure of how it could work, but all the hard work has paid off!”

Today, Krystle is passing on the knowledge she learned by experiencing her own weight loss journey and is now a fully qualified personal trainer, managing a popular 24 hour gym.


This 63-years young grandmother proves that you can change your body and your lifestyle – at any age!

Louise came to us with injuries sustained in a work accident – her spine had fused between C6 and C7. Having not been able to do much in terms of physical activity for a while, she even had challenges getting up the steps to our New Farm personal training studio.

That was over 3 years ago, and today, you can find Louise boxing and jogging with our ICE Sessions crew, and weight training at our FIRE Sessions – and loving it! She not only achieved dramatic changes in her body shape, but the pain she felt as a result of her injuries diminished and started smiling again.

Plus, two of Louise’s grandchildren are now participants in our New Farm group fitness sessions – what a fantastic legacy to pass on through the generations!

Louise says, “I’m feeling absolutely wonderful! I’ve never met anyone as dedicated as Luke!”

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