I looked at the muffin and thought, “That will make me feel better.” I was tired, overwhelmed and emotional – and it was only 10:30am.nStanding at the counter holding Isabella, while Luke was paying for our coffees, the thought actually crossed my mind that a muffin was the answer to my problems. And you know what? Had I eaten it, it probably would have been…. For just a moment. That familiar, delicious feeling in my tummy would have given me the certainty I needed at an uncertain, emotional time. But what about after the moment had passed? What would be the feeling then?nGuilt. Nothing. But. Guilt.nAnd so goes the merry-go-round that is emotional eating. You feel like crap, so you eat something indulgent, only to feel more like crap. Ever been there before? I have, too many times to count. Even today, although I’m generally a healthy person, I still get these thoughts flash across my mind at my moments of vulnerability. That little voice inside my head, saying that food is the answer to my problems, is still there, and I don’t know that it’ll ever go away. I always thought that people in great shape didn’t have to grapple with these type of mind games. But the closer I get to my ideal body shape, the more I realise that having a great body comes down to the choices you make, not necessarily the thoughts you have. I’m sure there are times when an elite athlete would love a piece of chocolate cake, but chooses the healthy option instead. That doesn’t mean that they don’t experience the feeling of wanting the chocolate cake; they just know what to do with the feeling and how to move it along to something more congruent with their end goal. So, I’m proud to say that today I chose to walk past the muffin, rather than reach for it. It IS getting easier and easier to make the right choice and it IS possible to break the habits that have previously taken hold of us and to bring the merry-go-round of emotional eating to a stop. Want to learn about more about breaking habits and creating new ones, to help you create the body you’ve always wanted? Our MP Challenge is starting on the 9th Feb and will help you turn your good intentions into a sustainable plan. Plus, gain access to over 150 recipes and have all the tools you need to create a body you can be proud of at your fingertips! Learn more here!