Can you believe that Easter is already here?nThis year is flying by so fast! This long weekend is full of all the best things in life, in particular family and food! Mmmmm chocolate…. But if you want to get moving a little this weekend, I’ve got a super quick workout you can do at home. I filmed this one last weekend, after the kids had been sick for a couple of weeks straight – I was dying to get moving again! (I actually didn’t realize how much the kids were attached to me until I watched this video back just now, so I apologise for the exercises not being super clear, because the kids are up in my grill! 😂) But oh my goodness, Noah is super cute 😂 #dizzy Here’s the workout:n5 x side lunges each side 10 x glute bridge 15 x squats 5 x lunges 10 x side leg raisesn15 second squat holdnRepeat 5 times 👍