Last week we chatted about surviving the silly season without the hangover. 

(If you missed it, you can catch up here). 

This week, we wanted to continue with the festive theme and talk about another aspect of life that can get off track at this time of year. 


We could tell you that you should stick to your nutrition plan 100% throughout the Christmas period, and there’s no reason to eat the fruit mince pies, the Christmas ham, etc. 

Mmmmmm….. Christmas cake!

And sure, there are ways that we can encourage healthier eating over Christmas/New Year, and we discuss some of those today in our video.

But, we’re also real people, who love food, and love celebrating with family and friends.

And we’re all for letting our hair down and eating foods that we wouldn’t normally eat – especially at Christmas time!

(So we talk about that a little bit in this week’s video, too.)

The festive season is such a special time of year, and whether you stick to your nutrition plan 100%, let loose a little, or have a few drinks here and there, just do what feels right for you, have fun and enjoy yourself!

Here’s this week’s video – Enjoying the festive season, without the food coma!