Stress is something that affects us all from time to time.

Good stress is necessary, like putting your body through a tough workout – that’s great stress!

But feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list, your responsibilities and your day to day life, that’s not great stress!

We’ve just come off a huge week in our family with Luke being away, him needing to prepare an important presentation on top of all his other commitments, rough drop offs with our preppie at school and our 2 year old being unwell, along with all the usual things that come with running a business and a household…

We were a little overwhelmed!

But we could have been feeling so much worse if we hadn’t already implemented some strategies over the last few years to lighten the load and manage stress in our lives.

And now we’d like to share these with you 

That’s what this week’s Transformation Tip is all about – enjoy!