Anyone who’s ever worked out with their young kids around will tell you that it’s hard! They love to jump all over you, and it always seems to be that they need you most when you’re doing something for yourself! There have been so many workouts that we’ve either had to pause or cut short for various reasons: – baby needing to be fedn- nappy changesn- trips to the toiletn- toddler needing more snacks STRAIGHT AWAYn- breaking up sibling fightsn- etc, etcnAnd that’s ok, because our kids needs come first. But that doesn’t mean you need to throw the baby out with the bathwater (no pun intended)! “Let kids be your reason, not your excuse.”nWhen I first heard this statement, it really resonated, because it’s so true! You can use your kids as inspiration and motivation to be the best parent you can be, or you can let them be your excuse for not achieving what you want to achieve. I know which one I’d prefer! It doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy, but that’s where we come in 🙂 We share a few strategies in this week’s Transformation Tip, that will hopefully help you make those workouts with your kids that little bit easier. Get them involved, be an example and enjoy!n(P.S. There was a small technical glitch when we uploaded this video, and it was cut off. To watch the full version, click the “post” link below, scroll to the bottom of the comments, and the full video is available there. Yay for technology!)