Christmas is almost upon us. It’s that beautiful time of year when food, drink and relaxing are on top of the to-do list! Many people think that because Luke and I are in the health and fitness industry that we munch on celery sticks and drink green juices 24/7, even for Christmas lunch, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, we make good choices for our food most of the time, but we are human and enjoy a good feast, ESPECIALLY at Christmas time! In fact, it’s BECAUSE we are careful about our food choices most of the time that we can really enjoy Christmas, guilt-free. I’m sure you’ve felt it before – that sinking feeling when you’ve eaten something that you “shouldn’t have” eaten. You’ve indulged and enjoyed it while you were eating, but now that the taste is gone, you’re beating yourself up. Can you relate?nWell, we want you to get rid of that guilty feeling this festive season. I mean, what’s the point of going all out with food and drink and then feeling crappy after it?nLet’s face it, you’re probably going to eat a bunch of really yummy, non-MP compliant, sugary, rich food on Christmas Day. And that’s ok! It’s just a 1 or 2 meals on 1 day of the year, right?nAs long as you make nutritious choices for the majority of the time (I’m talking 90-95{7df2fa278681574f8ee76c89e5b6d0450e46b07d023c695a72a7083fc9167d1f} of the time) a couple of over-indulgences at Christmas isn’t going to hurt your long term success. Enjoy your Christmas day, guilt-free, and then get back on track the very next day. Life is too short to miss out on Christmas lunch! It’s easy to make the right food choices when you have the tools, recipes and education at your fingertips. Our MP Challenge teaches you all of this, and we have our next 12 week program kicking off in Feb 2015. Stay tuned for the official launch, but if you want to register now for one of the limited spots available, head over to our website!