I’m sure we’ve all been there. 

The alarm goes off at 5:30am, signalling the time for you to get up, get changed and get to the gym for the 6am class. 

You hit the snooze button… “Just 5 more minutes.”

The alarm goes off 5 minutes later… 

Again, you the hit snooze button. 

The alarm goes off again – and you repeat the same process. 

Eventually, you’ve hit snooze so many times that your alarm goes off one final time – the time you should already be at the gym.

“Oh well, I’ve missed that class now. I should go back to sleep to get my rest, but I’ll make sure I go tomorrow morning.”

Tomorrow morning rolls around. And the same process is repeated.

Sound familiar?

We all have days where we feel really unmotivated.

It’s all part of being human!

But if you’re struggling with finding motivation on a consistent basis, then maybe we need to look at changing the approach!

Watch this weeks’ video, for 3 easy steps you can take towards getting motivated and kicking some goals!