The voice on the other end of the line said, “I’ve picked up your card and I’d like to get healthy.”

I said, “Sure, I have a time slot for you this afternoon if you’d like to come in?”

A few hours later, in comes a man stinking of alcohol.

“Yes sir, how can I help you?” I enquired.

He replied, “My name is Chris and I made an appointment to come in today.”

“Ok grab a seat,” I said.

Find your why

I sat and spoke to Chris for about 30-40 minutes about his goals and some habits he would like to change. After admitting that he was an alcoholic, eventually I asked him if he had been drinking that day and he said that he had.

I wanted Chris to be really serious about the commitments he was making to me and to himself, so I asked him to come back to the studio at 9am the next morning sober.

To his credit, he kept his word, and he showed up the next morning 5 minutes early. This said to me that he was serious about wanting to help himself.

Chris and I got talking and I realised we had a lot in common.

He shared with me that he wanted to be a role model for his two young boys James and Michael (his reason why), and that he wanted to change a massive habit (drinking).

We decided on some non-negotiable standards to each other and we got to it.

Chris’ before photo – the beginning of the journey.

Keep the end goal in mind

Chris embraced the Metabolic Precision program straight away and took to it like a duck to water. He was excited about his progress in his FIRE Sessionsand loved being able to eat so much amazing food! (He is Italian – they love their food!). He regularly commented about how much energy he had and was sleeping easier, feeling happier and his body was transforming. Chris was a changed man!

Although, it wasn’t all smooth sailing… I mean, everyone has ups and downs throughout their transformation. That’s life!

Some of the challenges that Chris had to face throughout his 12 Week Challenges were:

– Living away from his kids

– Working in his catering business, constantly surrounded by non-MP food and plenty of alcohol

– The stress of running a small business

– Coming to terms with the people in his circle of influence who weren’t helping him achieve his goals.

But Chris’ reason why was so strong, and his end goal of being sober was so clear, that any challenges that came up throughout the program were worked through and overcome. That’s why it’s important to keep the end goal in mind.

Ditching the pots and pans

As well as achieving some obviously amazing physical results in just 2 MP Programs, Chris completely overhauled his entire life.

He had been in the catering industry his whole life; a career that was very stressful and not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. And as a result of his personal transformation, he had a newfound passion for health and fitness. So, Chris decided to ditch the pots and pans and become a personal trainer and recovery coach.

He now spends his days training people and changing their lives for the better!

I trained Chris for over 18 months, and his dedication to his own health and development has been a massive inspiration to me. Knowing what he has been through and where he is today is nothing short of amazing and I’m so proud to have been a small part of his journey.

Chris showed that it’s possible to recover from being an alcoholic and thrive in a healthy lifestyle! He is a HUGE inspiration to the two most important people in his life, his 2 sons Michael and James.
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