I was going back and forth in my mind.

I didn’t know which was the right choice.

I knew that on one hand, I would be following through on a commitment I made to myself.

But I knew the other way was going to be better for me.

So I went with that….

And for the first time in a long time, I skipped my weekly Transformation Tip and went to bed instead.

I’d been at a course all day and didn’t get home until late, and I wrestled with the idea of giving my weekly video, the one that I had been so consistent with every week for over a year, a miss.

I hate going back on a promise I made to myself.

But instead I made the call to prioritise sleep.


Because I understand the importance of getting the right amount and quality of sleep!

It really is just so vital to helping us look, feel and function at our best.

So, how much do you get?