Can you relate? Some days, you’re so tired you don’t know how you’re going to make it through the day still standing.nSome days, the baby just won’t let you put him/her down.nSome days, you’re too busy feeding, nappy changing, rocking the baby to sleep. Some days, you have no motivation to exercise at all. And that’s ok. If we were all motivated to exercise all the time, we would all have achieved our health and fitness goals and we would have nothing to work towards. And that would be really boring! So instead, we need to find ways to be motivated – even on the days where we don’t feel like it. Here’s 4 simple tips that will hopefully make your life easier when it comes to getting motivated to exercise. Tip #1: Do something you enjoy!nWhat are some activities you enjoy doing? It could be dancing, a group fitness class, going out for a run. Whatever it is for you, make that part of your routine. You’ll be more likely to do it consistently if you enjoy it. Tip #2: Make it fun! If you’re really not a fan of exercise or don’t have a particular activity you like doing, at least have fun somehow! Workout with friends, have a coffee date after the workout, get in the outdoors or put the headphones in and listen to your favourite music while you workout. Tip #3: Be prepared. Pack your gym bag the night before so it’s ready to go before you get to the craziness of the morning. If you’re working out with your baby, do it at a time that he/she is happiest, or at a time when they are sleeping. Alternatively, put them in the gym creche when you know they’ll be calm and you won’t (hopefully!) be interrupted. The less hassle it is to make it happen, the more motivated you will be. Tip #4: Have something to work towards. There have been so many days where I know I’ve felt tired, but I went and did a workout anyway. And what’s made me move is having a goal to work towards; something that’s bigger than the day to day stuff. Once you work out what’s important to you, getting out of the house to go for that walk becomes a whole lot easier. And remember, a workout gives energy! It releases endorphins and makes us feel more alive. So next time you’re feeling tired, try to get out and move. You’ll be surprised just how great you feel x