Earlier this week, a fellow mum in a Facebook group asked a question about how to fit in exercise with her 2 young kids around. She was finding it challenging in amongst her babies nap times and the toddler tantrums! I hear ya, sister!nWhilst I could totally relate, I also have a few things I’ve learnt over the years, both from personal experience and from working with our clients, so I shared a few tips that she will hopefully be able to use to get into a good exercise routine. I thought I’d share my advice here, too! Before we get into it though, just remember to be gentle on yourself! It can be hard to prioritize exercise when you’re adjusting to new routines and especially when you’re sleep deprived! So keep loving on yourself, even on the days that exercise goes out the window 😘 A couple of things I’d advise my clients to do: 1. You only need about 12-15 minutes of intense exercise to make a difference. Don’t feel like you need to spend ages exercising – even a few minutes a day will help! Just make it intense (if you’ve been cleared for that type of exercise by your women’s health physio) so you get huffy and puffy. 2. Can you get your toddlers involved in the workout? Might need to get creative, like asking them to chase you around a bit at the park while your baby lies on a picnic rug. Think a little outside the box – exercise can be so much more than push ups and squats. 3. Are there moments in your day where you can incorporate exercise? Eg Do some squats or lunges while you fold the washing or some wall push ups while you’re cooking dinner. 4. There are quite a few mums n Bubs exercise groups around, where you can bring your kids to the sessions. We obviously run an amazing one at New Farm Park (😉) and the toddlers run around and play with each other and the babies chill in prams. It’s fun! Exercising with littlies around absolutely has it’s challenges (#nopersonalspace), but if you want to give them a great example of how to be healthy and look after yourself, this is a great way to do it! And if you’re struggling right now and are looking for more accountability and motivation in your workouts, then please come along and try a week of training for only $7 – we’ve had 5 new mums join us in the last 2 weeks and we’d love to see you, too! Email me here to register for your $7 trial.