There’s no doubt about it, parenting and lack of sleep go together. Whether it’s the early days of life with a newborn, or your kids are teething or unwell, or maybe you’ve been “blessed” with kids who wake every few hours every night – there will be so many days throughout your parenting journey where you’ll be feeling tired and lethargic. While I’m certainly not here with a miracle cure, I do have a few ideas about what you can do to keep as energetic as possible!n1. Exercise. Yep, believe it or not, exercise gives you energy. While it may be hard work while you’re actually doing the workout, the release of endorphins after it is pure gold, and you will feel so much better for getting up and moving. On the days I wake up feeling extra tired from a particularly tough night, I try and get out for a walk early on in the day. It wakes me up and helps me switch on for the day a lot better. 2. Drink water. Lots of it. At least 2L, but more is great, too. And if you get bored easily with water, try adding a piece of fruit or mint to your bottle for a bit of a flavour twist. 3. Protein at every meal.nProtein is so important to our energy levels. By including a source of protein in all meals, our blood sugar levels remain much more consistent, so we can avoid those crashes in energy that can sometimes occur throughout the day. 4. Avoid sugar highs. When we get tired, our brain automatically searches for a quick source of energy to pick us up. Carbs and sugar are the fastest ways to get energy in, but often are not the healthiest option! So, if you are having a sugar craving, try satisfying it with a piece of fruit instead or distract yourself by heading out for a walk, for example. 5. Take some time for yourself everyday. This is something I struggle with consistently, but I’m committed to working on it! In a world where our time is so stretched, it’s easy to put ourselves at the bottom of the list. But in order to stay on top of things – our to do list, our mental health, our energy levels and our emotions – we need to fill our cup regularly. Managing sleep deprivation and energy levels is a constantly evolving thing, and some days will be better than others. But by implementing a few simple things into our daily lives, staying on top of it becomes that little bit easier.