The feeling I’m talking about is when you fail or don’t achieve what you wanted to achieve. I absolutely hate the feeling of failing or losing. And on the weekend at footy, we lost. If you had of tuned in to watch our game the weekend before, you would have seen us have an amazing win over Redcliffe, 30-20. However, this week, we were beaten by Wynnum.nWhy do I tell you this and how does it relate to body transformation or your health and fitness journey? Well, life is full of ups and downs; we are not going to win all the time and sometimes we are going to fall down and make mistakes. It’s all part of the process. A good question to ask yourself when you don’t get the outcome you’re looking for is, “What have I learnt from this experience?” Often the lessons we learn in challenging times are the ones that can help us the most in the future.nFor me this week, I have to work on one particular area of my game and that is making decisions in pressure situations. What’s something that you’ve learnt from a particularly challenging experience?