So, so tired. 

I wake up in the morning feeling exhausted, before the day even begins. 

I feel like I’m rushing from one place to the next. 

My body is always sore and my energy levels are flat. 

I have no motivation. 

This was my life about 7 years ago.

I was working full time as a chippy, studying my personal training course part time and training for footy several nights a week, plus playing a game on the weekend.

I was doing too much and I was suffering the consequences – physically and mentally.

I was burnt out.

That period of my life taught me some valuable lessons about self care, and these days I’m a lot more sensible with my time management.

But what if you’re caught up in the midst of being burnt out?

What can you do to get back to feeling like yourself again?

I talk about some ways to overcome it in this week’s video!

(Sorry it’s so dark – I was walking my dog at night!)