We went to Bella’s prep interview today. Things are starting to get very real, and our little girl will be starting school in a few short months! It feels like just the other day we were driving our brand new baby girl home from hospital (a ridiculously slow drive, mind you)… And just like that, she’s at school! We’ve still got a few more years until Noah starts his schooling journey, but I just know that time will fly past, too. And it got me thinking. Lately, I’ve been really wanting to up the ante with my training and nutrition and make some improvements on my body shape. But I’ve been procrastinating – “I’ll start on Monday,”… Etc etc etc! Trying to find the perfect time to get started. But thinking about just how quickly this year has flown by, I realize how much time I’ve wasted! There is never going to be a perfect time; there’s always going to be kids activities to drive to, work deadlines to meet, sick kids to care for, sleep deprivation to deal with, a long to do list… By putting it in the “too hard” basket, I’ve let weeks go by. Weeks that were always going to pass me by anyway. The only difference is that I’m still in the same place as I was before! So, it’s been a good lesson to learn. The perfect time to start is now! Not Monday. Not after Christmas. But right now. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be something. Time is always going to pass us by… We might as well do something fulfilling with it ❤️