“I don’t know if I can give up alcohol! And chocolate? No way could I ever live without that!”

“I’m not going to have any friends left because I can’t go out and socialise anymore.”

Have you ever said these types of statements to yourself when you’re thinking about starting a new food plan?

It’s something I hear on a regular basis from clients embarking on their new lifestyle journey.

Many people think that, in order to achieve results, they need to cut out all of their favourite things, like beer, wine, chocolate and eating out with friends.

But in fact, I think it’s the opposite.

I think it’s absolutely necessary to still include your most favourite things in your plan.

What’s the point of committing to a new plan, only to quit early because you’re so bored and feel like you’re missing out on LIFE?!

What’s the point of depriving yourself, when a couple of treats here and there isn’t really going to do any harm anyway?

That being said, just how can you incorporate your favourite foods into your nutrition plan and still see outstanding results? Watch this week’s video to find out!

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