I read something today that really resonated. It was a post someone had shared about why mothers sometimes feel invisible. And it really struck a chord with me, so here’s my own version of what #mumlife can be like in my world 😀 Intellectually, we know how important our role is, right? We are literally raising the next generation of people in the world – what a privilege! However, there’s so much day to day “stuff” that also has to get done, and much of it is behind closed doors. It doesn’t get seen by anyone else. The clean clothes that magically appear in your families drawers. The containers of freshly cooked meals that are always there when reached for. The spills that are cleaned before anyone even sees that they’ve happened. So many things we do in a day yet, and I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get to the end of mine and feel like what did I do all day? I am super lucky to have a really supportive hubby who thanks me for the things that I do on a regular basis. But even then, sometimes I wonder if this is all there is?! So much of what we do as a mother is in a supporting role – driving kids to activities, helping them with their homework, managing the home, and if you’re in a relationship, you’re often scheduling life around your partners work/sports/other commitments, too! It can feel like your whole world is simply all about looking after everyone else. It can leave us feeling a little unimportant… A little unseen. Unless, our cup is full. I know these sorts of thoughts don’t cross my mind unless I’m lacking in the self care department. When I’ve looked after myself, when my cup is full, I’m appreciative and proud of my important job in this world. When I’m tired and disconnected, my job feels like a weight on my shoulders, rather than a blessing. I know myself well enough to know when I need some time out. As an introvert, time to myself is not only important to me, it’s absolutely necessary! So, today I’ve got a pilates session booked and some trashy tv shows to watch! But I’d like you to have a think about when the last time was that you did something that was truly for yourself. Not with your kids, not for your partner, just for you. And if it’s been more than a few days, maybe it’s time to put yourself back at the top of the priority list! You’re so important, mumma. Remember that x