Some days, it’s just not possible to get out of the house. When so much of our day revolves around the moods and routines of our little ones, it can be hard to make time for the things we’d really like to do – like workout! This was the case for me last Saturday. I usually head to New Farm Park with the rest of our MP Studio crew for a cardio session on Saturday mornings, but Bella woke up with a cold and didn’t want to go anywhere. (Totally understandable!)nI still wanted to do something for myself, so I put a few exercises together and got a short, sharp workout done. So next time you’re struggling to get out of the house, try this quickie – you’ll work the lower half of your body really well, and all in under 15 minutes. Simply do 10 reps of each exercise, and at the end of the set, either run on the spot for a minute or if you have stairs at your place (like I do), do 10 sets of up and down the stairs. Repeat the whole process 3-4 times.