Hey hey Team,

Thank you all for staying tuned. Rachael (my wife) and Isabella (my daughter) are apart of this weeks post…..

This week started off fantastic. Monday my Physio gave me the all clear on my knee (was a little concerned I would need an operation). So I am in full swing with my workouts, however still no overhead pressing as yet (due to a subluxation , or dislocation, of my right shoulder).

I have also added my before photos and my body fat measurements for a little accountability. I want to experience exactly what my clients do in a transformation and this is a crucial step in the process .(Taking photos is a big step for me as I have never shown my body to my clients. I am not sure what it is about sharing my photos – I shower every weekend with my team mates). But I realise that this is what it feels like for my clients and that is why I am doing this in the first place…