Have you ever given yourself an upper cut??

I am guilty of this….

A couple of weekends ago, I was down in Melbourne teaching trainers the fine art of body transformation. Throughout the weekend we taught over 40 trainers how to help their clients achieve body shape changes, increase performance and improve health. However, I forgot one of my most important rules, taking care of my health first. Yes I prepared; I packed food, drank plenty of water and even made sure I stretched……… So what didn’t I do you ask?


Sleep has a massive effect on appetite regulation and blood sugar levels – it’s one of the most important factors in recovery, and I let my guard down on three occasions. The people I was staying with, I hadn’t seen for a while ,and I was keen to catch up with them and have fun (by fun I mean go out to dinner and chat). Before I knew it, it was midnight and we had to be up quite early. Now I can hear some of you say, “That’s not late,” however having a 6 month old at home, my bed times have been a little earlier than that. And it all caught up to me.

As a result, this week I have come down with a runny nose and no voice. The thing I was most upset and uppercutting myself about is that I broke my own rules – and here I am teaching people how to regain their health! That is like the Dalai Lama being stressed!

Now I’ve missed my week of training…… And have no Vlog for this week. So I can sit here and feel sorry for myself but that isn’t good for anyone. I need to learn from this experience…

What have I learnt? Check in with myself more regularly. And make sure I keep an eye on the time so I can get to bed on time.

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