Our Member of the Month for April really needs no introduction! She’s been training with us for almost 5 years, she’s been with us longer than any other client, and she continues to make us proud each and every week! Let’s get to know Tala Tuua, our Member of the Month for April! Q1. Please tell us a bit about yourself: I work at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital as a pastry chef. I studied at Auckland University of Technology and also at Southbank TAFE. Q2. Was there a particular “snap point” for you that made you want to start training?nMy snap point came when I was starting to get depressed after a little operation. I was putting on weight, and had no energy for volleyball, so that’s when I went and joined MP. Q3. What do you enjoy about training at MP?nThank you so much to Luke and Rachael and my MP Family for the encouragement and pushing me to become a better, and more healthy, person!n———————————————————————— Tala has been training in our ICE Program since we kicked it off almost 5 years ago, and we know that at every session, she is going to bring her A-game!nCountless times, she’s pushed through physical and mental barriers, working around injuries and a hectic work schedule to get the most out of every workout. Also, she has had great success in her chosen sport of volleyball, including competing in the World Senior Games last year in Las Vegas. Tala is a fierce competitor, but she always does it with a smile on her face! In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever seen Tala NOT smiling… Tala is an incredibly generous spirit, and one who is always encouraging her team mates throughout our ICE Sessions. We really could give you Member of the Month, every month, for the contribution you make to our family, Tala. Thank you!