January is a fantastic time for setting new goals and committing to a new way of life. Our January Member of the Month had a sensational year last year, so her efforts to start 2016 have been a continuation of her awesome progress so far! Let’s meet our Member of the Month for January: Jodi! Q1. Please tell us a bit about yourself: I have spent most of my 20s moving around (Australia and overseas). I’m studying HR and Training. I live with my little (although taller than me) brother, Ben, and our half-sized Irish Wolf Hound, Luna – between the two of them, they make me laugh everyday. Q2. Was there a particular “snap point” for you that made you want to start training?nI decided that something HAD to happen when I attended a staff team building activity and needed a special harness, as the standard ones would not fit. In the same month I went go-karting with some friends and didn’t fit in the kart seats. Q3. What’s been the biggest thing you’ve learnt from training at MP?nEveryday is a new day, every meal is an opportunity to fill my body with delicious and nutritious food, and most importantly, not to beat myself up if I make a mistake. Enjoy it and move on! Q4. What’s your favourite exercise to do and why?nMy favourite at the moment would probably be hex-bar deadlifts – although as I’m being promoted to barbell squats, I’m open to finding a new fave. My faves do change from time to time. A video posted by Luke Archer (@lukeyarcher) on Dec 17, 2015 at 1:52am PST Q5. What’s your advice for anyone thinking about starting an exercise or nutrition program?nMake sure your trainer/mentor can back up what they are saying; you need to have full confidence in them if you are ever going to have full confidence in yourself. Q6. What do you enjoy about training at MP?nI love our group. As cheesy as it sounds, we’re all a family, we all support each other and back each other up, and I’ve never felt more comfortable or at home with any other gym/group training. ———————————————————————— Jodi is currently doing our ICE, FIRE and MP Online Program, and has set some really exciting goals for 2016. She has her entire training and nutrition programs planned out for the whole year, and has made some huge commitments to herself… Commitments we know she is going to follow through on, because she has a clear picture of where she wants to get to and how to get there, but more importantly, why it’s so important for her to achieve her goals. Congratulations Jodi, for everything you’ve achieved so far, and for all the exciting milestones ahead of you! Our MP Family is so much richer for having you in it!