Introducing our Member of the Month for July, Suallyn Mitchelmore! Q1: Please tell us a bit about yourself: I am an early childhood teacher and up until last year, I was working in a community kindergarten. I was fortunate enough to win a scholarship so I am now a full time student undertaking a PhD. Q2: Was there a particular ” snap point” for you that made you want to start training?nWe moved to Brisbane 7 years ago and I simply got out of the routine of training. Coupled with this, I was studying my Masters and went from quite an active lifestyle to a very sedentary one. I think the “snap point” came when I started training again (after throwing out all my clothes rather than go through the horrible feeling of them not fitting!) and I didn’t bounce back into being fit – it made me realise how much I’d let myself go. Q3: What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt from living the Metabolic Precision lifestyle?nDefinitely when I undertook the 12 Week Challenge! We had always enjoyed eating well and cooking lovely fresh meals, but when I did the 12 Week Challenge, I learnt what to eat and when (“in and out of the window”). This made a HUGE difference to my results and certainly kick-started my metabolism. I had to pull back on training until I got the balance right between my exercise and nutrition; this was a great lesson for me. I now have the confidence to set myself exciting and once unimaginable goals because I feel assured that I have the platform of an MP lifestyle to fuel my footsteps! Q4: What’s your favourite exercise to do and why?nI think that would be the static hold because you have to “switch everything on” and that’s always a challenge. Q5: What’s your advice for anyone thinking about starting an exercise or nutrition program?nGo for it! It’s so satisfying to work hard and challenge yourself. Initially it may seem like you are not achieving the results you had hoped for – I know I expected to achieve so much so quickly – but stick with it. Change takes time; be fair to yourself and relish in the supportive environment and sound principles of MP. Q6: What do you enjoy most about training at MP?nThe motivation of such a warm, positive, non-competitive environment. There is a genuine feel at MP that puts you at ease and you feel like you are being welcomed into the home of Luke, Rach and Isabella. It is truly a joyful place. Su and her awesome hubby, Jack, after she completed her half marathon last month! ————————————————- The focus at our studio is to provide a supportive and encouraging space for people to work out in, and Suallyn is a big contributor to that! She always has a smile on her face and shows incredible support for her teammates. Suallyn recently completed her very first half marathon and has her sights set on a full marathon next year. Not bad for someone who only a year ago remarked at how crazy we were for running a half marathon! As well as improving her fitness levels, Su has been able to promote fat loss by exercising less and eating more of the right foods at the right times, and she is lean, strong and toned!nCurrently, Su participates in our ICE Sessions (group workouts) and by attending just a few 30 minute workouts each week, she has been able to maintain the fantastic results she achieved in her 12 Week programs. Su has achieved so much in the time she has been training at MP and we can’t wait to see her achieve even more in the future!nIf you would like to enjoy the same great results as Su and get involved with a supportive, encouraging group of people, our ICE Sessions are for you! And because August is our studio’s 4th birthday, we have a special gift for anyone who wants to get started in this awesome program. Grab 4 for $44! That’s 4 weeks of ICE Sessions for just $44! (normally $119.80)nTo nab one of the limited spots available, click here and book your spot by this Friday 8th August!