Our Member of the Month for June has proven himself to be an incredibly valuable team member, and we are so excited to introduce him to you! Let’s get to know Wade Haggarty, our Member of the Month for June! Q1. Please tell us a bit about yourself: I recently turned 32 and grew up in Biloela. I still dream of becoming a lead singer in a world famous rock band, but for now I happily work in the city as a business analyst which over the past 10 years has seen me relocate back to CQ, over to Canada, and now calling Brisbane home. My favourite time of the year is summer as I love the long days and everything about the beach.nQ2. Was there a particular “snap point” for you that made you want to start training?nNot at all. I had two friends training with Luke a couple of years ago and could see how much they were enjoying it so I decided to join the crew and be a part of all the fun.nQ3. What’s been the biggest thing you’ve learnt from training at MP?nLife, diet, and exercise is equally important as each other. Nothing needs to be sacrificed.nQ4. What’s your favourite exercise to do and why?nThis is a silly question. But to provide an answer to it, I dislike running the most.nQ5. What’s your advice for anyone thinking about starting an exercise or nutrition program?nJust give it a go as you may even surprise yourself at what can be achieved. Most importantly, reward yourself along the way.nQ6. What do you enjoy most about training at MP?nThe energy that the crew and Luke bring everyday, the sessions are short yet intense, and the convenience of it as I live two blocks away.n———————————————————————— Wade started training with us in our ICE program in October 2014, and since then, he has become one of our mostnconsistent members. Also, he just completed his first FIRE Program, achievingnfantastic gains in strength & muscle mass. Apart from being incredibly consistent innattendance and effort, one of the best things about Wade is that he alwaysnbrings a smile to your face. He’s always willing to get involved in all of ournsessions and social events, and he is fun and energetic to be around. Congratulations for being our Member of thenMonth for June, Wade – our MP Family is richer for having you in it!