A huge congratulations to our Member of the Month for March, Michelle! Let’s get to know Michelle…nQ1: Please tell us a little about yourself (work/study/etc) I have been in the IT industry since the late 70’s when I did an apprenticeship at a mining company in Arnhem Land. The company offered me a number of options, drafting, surveying, lab work or computing. I remember my dad saying that the future was in computing…guess I made a good choice by listening to him! Wow so long ago, anyway it has served its purpose and have been lucky enough to be able to travel overseas working and also never be without a job, and also have been incredibly lucky to now live and work in Brisbane after many years in cold Canberra. The industry has obviously changed so much and I really don’t have the desire to keep up anymore, so I am happily planning my next stage of life…..retirement..nQ2: Was there a particular “snap point” for you that made you want to start training? Apart from a period in my 30’s I have always been active, either playing team sports and squash when I was younger, to running and triathlons later in my 40’s. I just need to be doing some form of exercise. I moved to Brisbane in 2014 and lost a bit of motivation to train and started to not like myself. I did continue to run, but I was getting slower and eating and drinking more than I needed to. I needed a bit of a kick to get me going. I looked around for a personal trainer and luckily came across Luke. He has helped bring so much positivity into my life, cannot thank him and the group enough. Q3: What’s been the biggest thing you’ve learnt from training at MP? That I don’t need to spend hours and hours training for it to make a difference.nQ4: What’s your favourite exercise to do and why?nI don’t think I have a favourite….I have a least favourite which is Mountain Climbers..nQ5: What’s your advice for anyone thinking about starting an exercise or nutrition program? Be patient and you will see results. Q6: What do you enjoy most about training at MP? I enjoy getting together with like minded people to exercise. —————————————————— A huge congratulations to our Member of the Month, Michelle Greenwood. Michelle has just begun her second Transformation Program with us, after enjoying some great success with her first. And not only has she been able to transform her body physically! Michelle has seen some other amazing changes in other aspects of her life, too. It’s been a pleasure to watch her complete transformation! Michelle is also a regular at our ICE Sessions. Her attendance is really consistent; she always works hard and with plenty of enthusiasm at each session. Well done, Michelle, and congratulations on being our Member of the Month! You’re an inspiration to us all!