Introducing our November Member of the Month, Jodi Romer! Q1: Please tell us a bit about yourself (work/study/etc):nOriginally from Melbourne, I grew up in rural QLD and I’ve spent most of my adult life moving around, including 4 years in Europe (mainly Scotland). I’m a bit of a sports nut and a bit of a tomboy. I work in real estate however am currently studying HR and for the first time ever I am really enjoying Brisbane!nQ2: Was there a particular “snap point” for you that made you want to start training?nI’ve always had an interest in sports and fitness, but the breaking point for me to start taking it more seriously was when I had to request a larger harness at a work team building event because the normal ones did not fit. Q3: What’s been the biggest thing you’ve learnt from training at MP and experiencing the 12 Week Challenge?nIt’s so much easier if you feel comfortable in your gym/studio. After years of going to different gyms and always having that awkward feeling when you walk in the door, I’ve learnt that if you feel comfortable and relaxed, you’re more likely to succeed. Q4: What’s your favourite exercise to do and why?nButterfly sit ups. Everyone always thinks this is hilarious! A sit up is such a classic exercise, for some reason I always feel like I can smash out more butterfly sit ups than any other exercise. Q5: What’s your advice for anyone thinking about starting an exercise program?nTake the book of what you’ve been told in the past and piff it out the window – forget about everything you already know (or think you know) – that’s the biggest thing I’ve told myself anyway. Q6: What do you enjoy about training at MP?nIf it wasn’t already obvious, my favourite thing about training at MP is the family feeling. It really is a fitness family. Without that, I would not still be going. I feel safe and supported everyday. ———————————- Jodi has been training in our ICE Sessions for over 12 months now, and she is currently also doing our Transformation Challenge. We really recognise the commitment that Jodi has made to her results by taking part in the Transformation Challenge, and the awesome action she has taken towards her goals so far. She began to implement positive changes to her lifestyle from day 1 of the Challenge, and has kept that momentum going throughout. Jodi is a great example to her peers and we wanted to celebrate the special contribution she makes to us, every time she is at the studio. Congratulations on your progress so far Jodi, and we are sure that with your dedication and commitment to your goals, you will continue to achieve great things! Well done!