Congratulations to the Awesome Foursome – Jodi, Pammy, Cathy and Lynn – our MVPs for last week! These amazing ladies just completed their first 12 Week Transformation Challenge and achieved some phenomenal results! As a group, they lost a massive 107cm! Plus, they finished the 12 weeks with more energy, strength and healthier bodies than they had when they began.nUsually when people go on a traditional “diet,” while they may achieve weight loss, they get to the end of it and feel exhausted because they have restricted their calories in and bumped up their exercise to silly amounts. The beautiful thing about Metabolic Precision is that it’s NOT a diet; Jodi, Pammy, Cathy and Lynn didn’t need to restrict calories (in fact, the ladies are eating more food than they ever have!) and they exercised less than a few hours a week. While their individual efforts were very impressive, what was even more special was the way the Awesome Foursome looked out for each other. It was a real team effort, and ladies, these results happened because of the support and encouragement you gave each other – so, congratulations! If you’d like to achieve results like this, our next Transformation Challenge is kicking off in a matter of weeks. Learn how to make food work for you, how to get the type and amount of exercise just right and gain access to over 150 recipes to make cooking a breeze. Learn more here!