You’ve done it. It’s week 12 of your Transformation Challenge. You’ve busted your butt over the last 12 weeks.nYou feel great, full of energy and like you’ve made a huge difference to your health and wellbeing. And now it’s time to evaluate how you’ve gone. Congratulations – you’ve reached the finish line! So, what happens if you don’t get the result you were after? What happens if say, your Metabolic Classification hasn’t improved a lot? What happens if your measurements don’t move that much?nWhat do you do? How do you feel?nWell, how you feel depends on the type of person you are. You could get angry. You could feel upset with yourself, disappointed. You could be fired up to do better next time. Whichever response you feel, it’s right. There is nothing wrong about your feelings. So just feel the way you need to feel! But once the initial emotion has passed, I want you to think about a few things… There’s no failure, only feedbacknYou can never really fail when you learn something from it.nSpeaking from experience, I’ve reached the end of a 12 week program before and put on weight/size. And I’ve beaten myself up about it for days. But you know what? I always learn something from it. I always have something to take away from my experience. So have I failed? Nope. I now know what to do next time to improve, and as a result, reach a different outcome. At our Christmas party in 2011. Pretending to be happy with my results… I got over it pretty quickly though, and 2012 saw me achieve my best results yet! You choose what you want to focus on…nIf you don’t lose a lot of size around your waist, for example. Do you focus on that 1 thing that didn’t happen for you? Or do you think about the fact that you’ve lost size from another part of your body, your weights have increased in the gym, you’ve completely overhauled your eating habits, you’re feeling so energetic, you’re setting a better example for your kids and you FEEL better? Your measurements, your Metabolic Classification, your photos. They are all great tools for measuring success but they are not the ONLY measures of success. Remember what you’ve achieved over the past 12 weeks – it’s so much more than just a number on a tape measure. An awesome result of one of my 12 Week Programs. I didn’t do so well in my measurements, but I completed my first half-marathon! There’s always something to be proud of. It takes time…nHabits. You learnt about them in your 12 Week Transformation Program. Now I’d like you to cast your mind back to before you began your MP Challenge. Think about the lifestyle you used to lead. Now I’d like you to think about how LONG you had been living that lifestyle – had it been a while? As much as we would LOVE to reverse those weeks/months/years of habits in just 12 weeks, most of the time it’s just not physically possible! If you’ve been yoyo dieting, not eating, over-exercising, chances are your metabolism will take some time to be re-programmed. And that’s totally ok. Changes don’t occur overnight. It takes time. I did my first Metabolic Precision re-program 4 years ago and my metabolism is still not in the ideal space. But I get that because of certain lifestyle factors like waking to a baby several times a night for example, it’s going to take me a bit longer. I haven’t given up. I know what it’s like to give up on my health – I was living that life many years ago. And that didn’t work out so well for me; I ended up overweight, overworked and stressed out. So what’s the alternative? I make the choice to continue on the path. I trust the process, and I embrace the small improvements I make with each passing 12 week program. This is me, 4 months apart. The physical changes are slight but they are there and there are so many other positive effects on my life as a result of my hard work that aren’t captured in a selfie. So if you’ve just completed a program and you’re feeling a little deflated, that’s perfectly ok. It means that you care and it means that you want the best for yourself. And what a beautiful thing that is! But please don’t get stuck there. Please, please, please pick yourself up and use what you’ve learnt so far to drive you forward – because you deserve to look and feel your best and to achieve what you set out to achieve. Remember how far you’ve come and be excited about what lies ahead. If you want to create the body you’ve always wanted, it’s time to do something new! Our Online Nutrition Program gives you all the science-based tools to give you permanent results… Take advantage of our special offer before the price rise!