Prior to having my baby, Isabella, I thought that getting my workouts in would be simple. “I’ve got plenty of support,” I told myself. “I’ll just put the baby down with some toys and she can play while I workout,” I reasoned. Well, even though I do have lots of support and yes, Isabella has a LARGE variety of toys to choose from, getting consistent workouts in is a challenge! Getting THROUGH the workouts is a whole other story! For example, today I did a FIRE session and I had to stop a number of times to do the following: – move her away from a powerpointn- reposition her away from the barbell, which she was hanging overn- change her nappyn- pick her up to comfort her when she fell over – give her something new to play with (this occurred every few minutes) All in a 45 minute workout. Gone are the days of putting my headphones in and just focusing on the job at hand – lifting heavy stuff! So while it is challenging, I’ve learnt some simple lessons over the past 9 months to help me make my workouts a reality!n1. Be organised: Kind of obvious, yes, but when you have to factor in naps and feeds so that your baby is happy for a small window of time, organisation goes to a whole other level! 2. Have plenty of distractions for bub: Again, fairly obvious, but I’ve been surprised at just HOW many distractions are necessary. And not just toys – I’m talking, sunnies, keys, water bottles, purses – anything to keep bubba occupied for half an hour. (I know I probably don’t need to say this, but just make sure you keep a close eye on your baby throughout the session – you never know what the little darling may put in his/her mouth!) 3. Stick to a plan: I plan out my exercise in advance for a full 12 weeks, so that I know exactly what I have to do at each session. It saves so much time, not having to work it out as I go along. If you need help making a program to suit your needs, enlist the help of a body transformation specialist! 4. Be flexible: There’s been a few times where I’ve had a workout planned for a particular day, but Isabella has been really clingy or unsettled, and it’s just not possible to put her down. Accepting that and rescheduling for another day is pretty much all you can do. Part of being a parent means putting our children first, so the workout can wait, right?n5. Accept help: I’m slowly learning this! When Luke offers to take Isabella while I do a workout, I take him up on the offer. Part of what I used to really enjoy about my workouts pre-baby is the fact that I got to spend time alone, but obviously that’s just not possible for much of the time these days. So, when I get the opportunity for some “me time,” I grab it, gratefully. If there’s a crèche at your gym, take advantage! 6. Have a sense of humour: Having a little one grabbing your legs while you’re trying to squat or climbing all over you as you do some sit-ups is actually pretty entertaining! There’s no doubt that some days I’ve been annoyed by having someone hanging off me all the time, but when I really think about it, Isabella isn’t going to be little forever, so I really need to embrace this special time. Check out some of the fun we get upto! “Let me help you with those leg raises, Mummy!” Showing me how it’s done…. Sit ups with a little extra help…. So while my workouts take a different shape these days, I’m not fazed. With a bit of planning and creativity and patience, it is possible for us parents to still look after our bodies on a regular basis! For more mummy fitness and food fun, follow me on Facebook here!