Congratulations to Bec Evans, our award winner for this week! Bec has been training with us for just over 1 year now and we really couldn’t imagine our ICE Training sessions without her! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without a smile on her face – she always brings so much great energy to our sessions. Bec has an awesome work ethic and always embraces the workouts, even though she may not always love the exercises! And that’s why she is such a great example – success can be inconvenient, but when you approach everything with a smile and a positive attitude such as Bec’s, those burpees and mountain climbers become just that little bit easier!nWe also need to give Bec a big thanks for introducing some fantastic new members to our studio. We are always looking to grow our community and create an even more encouraging space for our MP family, so we really appreciate it when our clients believe in what we do so much that they feel comfortable referring their nearest and dearest to us. So, THANK YOU BEC! Wanna join our awesome community? Come along and try our ICE Training! Grab a FREE 7 Day Pass and enjoy a week of complimentary workouts, not to mention incredible support and fun! Give ICE Training a go today!