Congratulations to Julian Ward, our winner for this week! To get great results, you only need to exercise for a handful of hours each week. The only thing is, you need to make each and every session count – it’s all about intensity and focus! Well, Julian pretty much embodies this. He attends several ICE sessions at the studio each week and we can always rely on him to put in a massive amount of intensity and focus into every rep and set he does. Look at Julian at the end of a workout and you’ll know that he has just worked his butt off! Julian can always be heard cheering on his team mates and we’ve had feedback from other clients about how much fun they have working out with (and competing against!) Julian in the ICE sessions. We are lucky to have you at our sessions, Julian! Keep it up 🙂 If you’d like to join Julian and the rest of the fantastic crew we have at our ICE sessions, grab your 7 Day Pass and try us out for free!