Congratulations to this week’s award winner, Lucy Taylor.nLucy had a bit of a break from training at the studio while she got into the swing of her new role in the police force. It’s so great to have her back at the sessions now, as she is such a valuable member of the MP team.nWe just had to give her the award for last week, as even though she was on night shift and didn’t finish work until 6am, she still managed to make several workouts at the studio throughout the week. Shift work is challenging – your sleep patterns are thrown out of order and trying to catch up on zzzz’s throughout the day can prove to be a difficult task. We would totally understand if Lucy decided to have last week off training, but she certainly proved she was made of the “tough stuff” with her attendance and effort! Congrats Lucy and thanks for setting such a wonderful example for the rest of us to follow! P.S Hope you had some good quality sleep on the weekend 🙂 The great thing about our ICE Sessions that Lucy attends is that the workouts are only 30 minutes long. You get a great workout in just half an hour – get in, get out and into your day quick! (Or if you’re like Lucy, get in to bed for some much-needed sleep!) We have a great special on our ICE Sessions for the month of August (our birthday month) – get 4 weeks for only $44! Email me here to take advantage and grab one of the limited spots available at this special price!