Congratulations to Maree Rolph, our winner for this week! Maree has become quite the runner – so much so, that she competed the 10km Bridge to Brisbane on the weekend in a blistering time! A couple of months ago, she ran the Gold Coast 10km and now she has followed it up with another great event. We love it when our clients achieve new goals and get involved in events like these, because it means that all the hard work they put in to their sessions at the gym throughout the week, have paid off! Maree attends our ICE Sessions and our Yoga classes, and not only have her fitness levels improved, she is continually getting even more lean and super strong! All thanks to her work ethic and consistency. Congratulations for completing another 10km run, Maree – keep up the fantastic work! Ever wanted to run in an event like Maree but not sure where to start? You can get results like hers with our ICE Sessions! These sessions are specifically designed for fat loss and fitness, so you can get the most from your body and achieve what you want to achieve. Grab your 7 day pass here!