Congratulations to this week’s award winner, Rosanna! Rosanna trains twice per week at our FIRE Sessions, and has now done several 12 week programs with us. She is incredibly consistent with her attendance and her effort, and as a result, her strength and posture is improving every week.nFIRE Training is challenging – it’s all about control and technique. Rosanna applies feedback really well; she is always open to learning new things to help improve her lifts. She is also a great help to the other members of her FIRE Training group, and adds to the supportive and encouraging environment at the studio.nWe love having Rosanna as a really valuable member of the MP family – well done, Rosanna and keep up the great work! FIRE Training produces rapid changes in body shape and the great thing is, it only takes a couple of sessions each week to help you get leaner, stronger and create a body you can be proud of! Our next program kicks off in February 2015 and we have limited spots available – learn more about how you can grab your spot before the price rise in the new year!