Question: I have a client who is wanting to improve endurance in their chosen sport. I’m wondering what the best way is to structure his exercise program to achieve this goal?

Answer: Whether your client wants to improve endurance, boost power or get faster, there’s one key aspect of his lifestyle that he needs to address over everything else.

And it’s not his exercise.

Sure, exercise is important, but we only spend a few hours a week doing that.

What’s something else that we do several times a day, every day, every week?

We eat.

If your client is busting his butt out on the field, but is not replenishing his energy stores enough, his endurance isn’t going to improve. In fact, he’s going to get more tired over time.

We ALWAYS match our exercise to the quality of our nutrition – ALWAYS! This is especially important as an athlete, because of all the exercise and training they have to do.

So to answer your question, to improve endurance, your client needs to eat good quality food – and lots of it!

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